HalloweenCon 1 / CthulhuCon 2 Programming

HalloweenCon/CthulhuCon, like FanTek's other cons, was a weekend full of Programs, and Videos, and Guests, and all sorts of nifty things to see and do, and an opportunity to meet people and make new friends.

In addition to the scheduled programming, FanTek's cons have gaming (an area for board games, card games, and role-playing games, as well as computer and video games), a 24-hour huge-screen surround-sound Video Room, an Art Show and Auction, a Merchants' Room, a Computer Room, and a Con Suite (with random videos and Lite-Brites and other toys, as well as munchies, drinks, and Death Mix Kool-Aid).

Here's the "main" programming we had scheduled, as listed in the program book.


10AM Registration Opens! - Main Lobby
$30 gets you a weekend full of fun stuff, membership in FanTek, and lots of new friends! Such a deal!

NOON BOO! A Guide to Surviving HalloweenCon - Fritchie Room
Meet people running the convention! Ask questions! Learn how surviving a con is alot like how characters survive in monster movies...

NOON Video Room Opens - Hood/Johnson Rooms
Come see a movie on our giant 120" projection TV, in Surround-Sound! Schedule pgs. 25-26, check it out!

NOON Game Room Opens - Courtyard
Play a game this weekend! Play two, they're small! Even learn a new one!

1PM Sekrit! Nobody Cumz in Here! - Fritchie Room
Mystery Guest talks about the Unknown; Unknown invited to talk back.

1PM Internet Computer Room Opens - Room 183
Get your e-mail and tech-talk fix here!

2PM Trick or Treating Around the World - Fritchie Room
What Halloween means to people from other cultures, & how we all celebrate it. Daphne and John Pruett host.

3PM Living Vicariously Through Live-Action Role-Playing
Fritchie Room
Discover the realm of being someone else for the weekend! Adrienne Reynolds tells you how to "LARP", or play in, these games, and gives tips on having the most fun with the character you are given!

4PM Cthulhu Carol Preview - Fritchie Room
Cthulhu Carols are Christmas songs which have been re-written for the world of H. P. Lovecraft's writings. Help Cheryl assemble and test-sing the songbooks, and get a sneak preview of the songs which will be in the next edition!

4PM Call of Cthulhu Free LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing Game) Opens
Room 179
Sign-ups for game and character sheet pick-up begin. Open to all interested in things mankind was not meant to know. Based on the writings of H. P. Lovecraft.

5PM Vampire: The Masquerade Free LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing Game) Opens
Room 119
Sign-ups for game and character sheet pick-up begin. Open to all mortals wishing to live forever for a weekend.

5PM Pumpkin Carving - Con Suite (Room 105)
Yes, we mean it. The pumpkins have already had the gooey stuff removed, so all that's left is the fun part. Artists and spectators welcome. Hugh Henry instigates.

6PM The Origins of Halloween - Fritchie Room
Where did it come from? What is its history? What's its motivation? Robert Juliano and Becky Hedreen tell everything you every wanted to know about how Halloween came to be the holiday we know & love.

6PM 12-Step Meeting - Taney Room
A generic 12-step recovery meeting for folks in AA, ACA, and other programs. Anyone who would just like to observe a 12-step meeting also welcome. Darrell will be chairing the meeting.

7PM Bobbing for Apples - Con Suite (Room 105)
Exactly as it says, with prizes, too!! Eric Silverhands hosts the first convention event where you can go soak your head!!

7PM Vampire: The Masquerade LARP - Opening Ceremonies
Fritchie Room
All players must attend. Things will be revealed to you...

7PM Call of Cthulhu LARP - Opening Ceremonies
Taney Room
All players must attend. Expect the unexpected!

8PM OPENING CEREMONIES for HalloweenCon One and CthulhuCon II
Bruce and Cheryl and Punkie officially welcome you to the convention, the first of its kind! Get into the spirit of Halloween with us, and find out the very secret secrets of having a great time this weekend!!

9PM Weird Al Karaoke Contest - Ballroom (2 hrs)
Team Chicken Salad hosts the return of this amazingly popular event! Includes lip-synching and They Might Be Giants, too!

9PM Mummy Dearest - Taney Room
Kimber and Julie and friends show you how to be a mummy, or dress just like one! A victim, er, uh, volunteer, will be wrapped, though the power to inflict a mummy's curse will not be conferred...

9PM Trick or Treating! - Anywhere with an orange sign
You're never too old! Grab a bag, throw on a costume, and go to any place with a bright orange "Trick or Treat" sign, for candy and nostalgia. Til 11PM.

NOTE: To invite Trick or Treaters to your room, get a sign from the Volunteers desk in the lobby, and sign-up on the rooms list. You supply the candy "treats".

10PM Video Room Special Presentation - Hood/Johnson
The Phantom of the Opera, the 1925 silent version, with live organ accompaniment by Dr. Albedo. See it on a big screen, hear it the way it was meant to be.

10PM Horror Make-Up Tips - Taney Room
Tom Williford teaches techniques for Spooky Looks, using both regular and pro make-up.

11PM Ghoulish Make-Over - Taney Room
One lucky victim will get a complete new look. A dead, horrifying kind of a look. A falling-apart kind of a look. Tom Williford plays Dr. Frankenstein.

11PM How to Defend Yourself Against Things that Go Bump in the Night
Fritchie Room
The proper uses of garlic, holy symbols, silver bullets, stakes, etc., against the creatures of darkness, as told to us by literature through the ages. Eric Silverhands hosts.

Midnite SEANCE - Ballroom
Come help us raise (not quite) the spirits of some old, dead favorites, in a kind of an old-fashioned seance. You are the hosts, the dead are your guests....

Midnite The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Video Room (Hood/Johnson)
Come to the show that made audience participation a way of life, and do the Time Warp, Again!

1AM Real Life Spooky Stories - Fritchie Room
Tell of things you saw, or certainly thought you saw, or even hoped you did not see... and listen to the chilling tales of others...

2:30AM THRILLSVILLE in Concert - Ballroom
Rockabilly Surf Punk Band. Amazing. No, really! The demo tape sounds great, and they're even better Live!!


10AM Fabric Diving - Taney Room (2 hours)
Free Stuff! Piles and Piles of Fabric, big pieces, little pieces, spandex, sequins, plain - all free for you to take and use! Sharing encouraged, there's plenty to go around! Kimber and Julie are your snorkeling hostesses.

10AM Skeleton Assembly - Con Suite (Room 105)
The knee bone's connected to the thigh bone, etc... Help build a fully posable paper skeleton. Guaranteed anatomically correct. (till finished)

11AM Chainsaw Pumpkin Carving - OUTSIDE!
(Where did you think?) Look for them by the volleyball courts. Eric Knibb will have the chainsaw.

[Chainsaw Pumpkin Carving was quickly cancelled: the chain broke -- THE PUMPKIN WON!]

11AM Belly Dance Lessons! - Ballroom
Surely the best accessory for any Halloween Costume! Amira reveals the secrets of sensual movement; all are welcome to come and learn!

11AM Punk Walrus Reading - Fritchie Room
Thrill to the Surreal Adventures of Punk Walrus, our Favorite Pinniped Pal and someone we're sure would get along great with Cthulhu. Grig Larson reads and writes.

NOON Building Great Cthulhu - Registration, Main Lobby
Come add a tentacle or two to our Balloon Sculpture of the most famous Old One of them all. No artistic talent necessary!! Darrell and Kristen host.

NOON Mask Making - Taney Room
Come play with cardboard, felt, fabric, beads and feathers! Special instructions for making a mask to fit over glasses. Becky Hedreen is head mask maker. Stay as long as you like to finish!

NOON Who's Got Better Monsters, Bugs Bunny or Mothra?
Fritchie Room
Warner Studios versus Japanimation, who has more style points? Spirited debate moderated by Adrienne Reynolds.

1PM The Origins of Halloween - Fritchie Room
Where did it come from? What is its history? What's its motivation? Robert Juliano and Becky Hedreen tell everything you every wanted to know about how Halloween came to be the holiday we know and love.
(encore presentation)

1PM Costume 911 - Taney Room
Got a loose seam? Need a bit of a finishing touch? Use of a sewing machine? We have advice and useful stuff, too! Open til 7PM for working on stuff. Ask for help and you shall receive it.

2PM Live and Undead Art Model Workshop - Ballroom
Calling all artists! Come try your hand at sketching the Costumed Figure! Pens and paper will be provided, finished sketches can be critiqued if you like, or you can keep them hidden. Amira hosts. NOTE: Models wanted, please apply in person!! (2 hrs.)

2PM When Good Marriages Go Bad - Fritchie Room
What happens when real life turns into turns into a bad horror movie. Adrienne Reynolds hosts. She will tell her story in fine literary style, and invite the telling of other ugly tales. Sympathy shared.

2PM Cannibalizing! - Taney Room
How to build costumes out of leftover anything. Adding extra arms, heads, etc., discussed. Tom Williford plays Dr. Frankenstein again.

3PM If the Occult Means Hidden, What Are You Willing to Share?
Fritchie Room (2 hrs)
No matter what your personal beliefs are, what works for you on a spiritual level? We don't want to hear about your "label", we want to know what you've actually DONE with it. Were your prayers actually answered? Did something show up when you called it? Tell us what happened - if you dare... Thrak hosts.

3PM Costuming Your Stuffed Animal, and Making Stick Puppets!
Taney Room
Becky Taylor shares some of her professional quick costuming techniques. Bring your stuffie and make him something to wear and be proud of! Also, learn to use scraps to make wise and witty stick puppet, like the jesters carried!

4PM The Care and Feeding of Cheap Plastic Fangs - Taney Room
Tom Williford shows how to make fangs stay!!

4PM Masquerade Walk-Thru - Ballroom (2hrs)
If you would like to be in the masquerade, please stop in at this event so we can go over your lights, sound, and EmCee notes. We can also supply help writing something to say about your outfit!

5PM How Hollywood has Shaped our Halloween - Fritchie Room
Movies and how they get into your brain and tell you what picture to see when you hear the words "Dracula" or "Frankenstein".

5PM Costumes the Disney Way - Taney Room
Jason Stengal, part-time Disney employee, tells how Mickey Mouse's head and others are built.

6PM Vampires - Folklore vs. Fiction - Fritchie Room
Scary bedtime stories for children versus good cinema. Rocky hosts.

6PM Green Room for Belly Dancers - Taney Room
If you are in the Belly Dance Show, this is the place you need to be!

7PM Silk and Sequins and Bellys, Oh My! - Ballroom
The Belly Dance show, guaranteed to make your eyes pop out of your head.

7PM Green Room for Masquerade Participants - Fritchie Room
If you are in the Masquerade, this is the place for you!

8PM MASQUERADE! - Ballroom
The Compleat Stage Show Eek-stravaganza! A Costume Contest, with our famous non-judgemental judge, Punk Walrus! See the lights, hear the puns! Adrienne Reynolds in The Red Dress is your EmCee. Everyone who's anyone will be there!

9PM Coping with the Big, Nasty, Non-Halloween World
Taney Room
Need to get away from the crowds for a bit? This is your chance. Come and chat quietly with a small group of peoples.

10PM Classical Lovecraftian Horror versus Modern Special Effects
Taney Room
Is one inherently better than the other, or are they just like comparing squids and tuna? Amira hosts.

10PM Old Ones Pool Party - Pool
Glow in the Dark Rubber Squid Toss! Pin the Tentacle on the Cthulhu! The Return of the Jello Brains! Cthulhu Carols! And Other Things, Too Horrible to Describe....

11PM The Undead Techno Gothic Ball - Ballroom (3 hrs)
Come dance till the clocks all break and time repeats itself, and we are at one again.

11PM Spookie Readings - Taney Room (2 hrs)
A full blown spooky reading invitational! Bring your own, or just sit and listen to others! Grig Larson hosts. Please note: Lovecraft readings are sort of the specialty of the night, but if you have other stories, those are welcome too!!

Midnite Howling at the Full Moon - Outside
Let's scare the neighbors! Tynie hosts the howling.

Midnite Finding the Jugular: An Early Primer for Young Vampires
Taney Room
Eric Silverhands hosts. (Hint: He is a licensed massage therapist.)

1AM Ghost Stories - Fritchie Room
Rashida shares stories of spooks she has known, and asks you to tell whom you have met from beyond...

2AM, er, um, 1AM, what I mean to say is we just turned back the clocks, so it's 2AM and 1AM.
Non-Linear Time - Fritchie Room
Rashida asks why we persist in seeing time as a neat straight line, when it is often regarded in other places as a spiral, a circle, or happening all at once.


10AM Last Chance Fabric Diving - Taney Room
The last of the fabric scraps and pieces are going in the trashcan if no one takes them home. If you sew or do crafts at all, they deserve a second look. Hosted by Kimber and Julie.

11AM Vampire: The Masquerade LARP - Closing Ceremonies
Fritchie Room
All players encouraged to attend - it's not over til it's over!!

11AM Call of Cthulhu LARP - Closing Ceremonies
Taney Room
All players encouraged to attend - as I have said before, it's not over til it's over!

11AM Last Chance Art Show Shopping! - Room 183
The room closes for bidding at Noon, get in there now!

NOON Defending Yourself Against People Who Go Bump in the Night
Eric Silverhands gives a lesson in HaKiro, a self defense course for regular peoples. Not fancy. Just ways of keeping yourself alive should you need them. (details on pg. 33)

NOON The Ethics of Tarot Reading - Taney Room
What to do in real life situations, like if a reading is very bad, or says something they obviously do not want to hear. Adrienne Reynolds hosts.

1PM Art Auction - Fritchie Room
See it! Buy it! Everyone who put a bid on art is advised to attend, to find out what they've bought, and fight for it at auction if they need to! You don't have to have previously bid to walk in and get some great stuff. And it's fun to watch, too!

1PM Trick or Treating Around the World - Fritchie Room
What Halloween means to people from other cultures, & how we all celebrate it. Daphne and John Pruett host.
(encore presentation)

2PM Are Hollywood-Quality "Real" Fangs for You? - Fritchie Room
Tom Williford shows examples of dental-quality fangs, explains briefly how they're made, and who he's made them for. He then answers any questions about them, like how well they stay in and how much they cost.

2PM Non-Mainstream Religions and Us - Taney Room
Amira hosts this discussion of why so many fans turn to "alternative" religions, and why they seem to suit us.

3PM So, What Do You Want to See at the Next Convention?
Taney Room
Bruce or Cheryl hosts this opportunity to put your two cents in! Whether for EveCon, or next CastleCon, or HalloweenCon, we want to know what you'd like to see, or hear about things you would like to host!

4PM Closing Ceremonies - Ballroom
Everyone says good-bye, then we load the bus and go home. It's sad, but we'll see you all again Real Soon!

See you at EveCon!