Hotel Update

Okay, let's try to make sense out of all this. Our Hotel, which was formerly known as the Holiday Inn FSK (for the Francis Scott Key Mall it sits next to) is now the Holiday Inn Holidome and Conference Center. The hotel formerly known as the Super 8 is now called the Holiday Inn FSK Express. Got that?

A lot of people were confused when it turned out that they had reservations at the wrong hotel for CastleCon 9. Other problems included people being told before the con that the hotel was full, even when it was not. We would like to avoid problems like these.

So please follow the handy guide below, to be sure to have a room to sleep in at the right hotel!

Room rates are $79 per night for a room with one king-size bed,
$89 per night for a room with two double beds.

  1. Make sure you call the right hotel. It is the Holiday Inn Holidome and Conference Center, Frederick, Md.
  2. Call 1-800-868-0094 from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. This is the Hotel's direct line for making reservations.
  3. Ask for Carlyne (pronounced "Carlene"), the hotel's reservations person.
  4. Do not accept help from substitutes! Ask for Carlyne.
  5. Specify the name of the Con and that you are with FanTek.
  6. Give the date you will be arriving, and how many nights you will be staying.
  7. Tell her whether you want a one-bed or two-bed room.
  8. Get a reservation number. Write it down. Bring it with you.
If you are told that the hotel is Sold Out, or get any information that seems to disagree with anything written on this page, or if you have ANY problems at all, please call us at (301) 292-5231. Write down the name of the person you dealt with, if it was not Carlyne, and when you called.

Do NOT call the 1-800-Holiday number!! They do NOT have the correct information and will mess up your reservation!

Remember, you can cancel your room if you give the hotel advance notice. On the other hand, if you don't make a reservation, it is likely the hotel will sell out and you will not get a room.

So don't wait; call the Hotel today!

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