SandCastleWeek at the beach will be September 1st through 6th, 1996 (Sunday-Friday) at a House in Ocean City, New Jersey (Not Maryland! Don't go to the wrong state!).

The address is 1427 Wesley Ave., and we have rented the Second Floor. It's one block from the boardwalk at 14th Street!

SandCastle is a week of Fun, Sun, Sand and Castles! The House will be open to guests from Sunday to Friday, so come down, spend the week with us at a Beach House! Or you can just visit for a day or two... it'll be amazingly great! Soak up some rays, get a tan, ignore that pesky Ozone Layer!

Unplanned Events:

Things You Should Know:

Be sure to call Cheryl at (301) 292-5231 if you are interested and want directions, room or floor-space reservations, or just more info! (Please let her know you saw this web page.)
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