Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam!


Announcing the first ever EveCon Spam Carving Competition!!!

Hosted by Alpha. BYOS -- Bring your own Spam, please. There will be a one hour time limit on carving, then the judging. Polaroids of the winners will be hung in the Art Show. All entries must be removed after the judging, not to be seen or smelled again. Dumpster or Dinner plate, it's up to you.

This event will be held in the con suite. (Time to be announced.)

(Note: "Spam" is a registered trademark; Hormel can keep it.)

(Of course, we'll be doing many more things, both silly and serious, at EveCon 14. Let us know what other ideas you have for "The First And Friendliest Con of the New Year", January 3-5, 1997, in Frederick, Md. See you there!)