How FanTek Got Started

Punkie recently asked:

> How did everyone here start with FanTek?

Bruce responded:

Dear Punkie,

I started out with FanTek back about 2,030 years ago. We were all sitting around talking, the olde gang, you know, me and Lucretius the Mad Poet and the rest... it just seemed like a good idea at the time. Hey, it was the dawn of the Modern age back then... how could we know the total and complete devastation that we'd cause by trying to get people to be polite and friendly to each other.

Of course we should have made it clearer that you were supposed to be friendly and polite to everyone, not just people who agreed with you. In fact old Luke used to say that it's even more important to be polite to those you don't agree with. Heck, to my mind it shows more character if you are polite to people you not only don't agree with but actively have reason to hate, who smell bad, and who use the wrong deodorant...

Anyway, we were doing fine til Mount Vesuvius blew up, Rome burned down, and the dark ages happened. Yuck, talk about bad smells...

Okay, that's how I got started with FanTek... really!

Your Friend -- Bruce!