Thank Yous

Our thanks for this issue go to all of you for inspiring us to keep going. We'd also like to thank Crazy Horse for his editing, Disconnect for his BBS log-on info, and Dr. Albedo for the Web Page.

For Art we'd like to thank Rocky Jackson for the Cover picture and the Centerfold Monster; CJ Mallion, Suzi, and Suzi II; Punkie, for his Martians; and Bruce.

And we thank all of you who come over to Staple, Fold & Mutilate the paper copies!

We'd also like to thank Brainstorm Comics & Gaming for their support. Brainstorm Comics is located in Frederick, Maryland; their phone numbers are 1-301-663-3039 and 1-800-675-3778. Brainstorm features The Great Wall of Comics! "No Pogs!"

Thank you, also, to the artists for generously permitting their work to be published in these World Wide Web pages. (If you would like to use any of the artwork in your own publication, etc., please contact the artists to discuss permission. They may be reached through FanTek.)

Send Us Your Doodles!

And your Drawings! And the Margins of your Notebooks! Don't be shy; Send in Today! Become a noted Artiste; see your drawings appear in the pages of The Castle!!

It's Easy, It's Fun! Just send us copies (or originals, if you insist, but we cannot return them) and we'll put them in a thousand or so copies of The Castle, as well as on the Web! Mail stuff to the FanTek Art Fund, 1607 Thomas Rd., Friendly, MD 20744. Thank you!

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